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Hi, welcome to Happy Shoes Happy Feet

Fancy joining this new revolution – People Power? 

Do you find yourself worrying about buying the right-sized shoes for you and your family?  Are you concerned about the dangers of ill-fitting shoes, especially for young and vulnerable feet? Do you wish you had more independent information and tools to help you get a healthy fit everytime, regardless of price or brand?

Well finally, help is at hand. At Happy Shoes Happy Feet, we want to hand the power back to the people…

We are totally independent of any shoe manufacturer, offering unbiased and up-to-date information and advice about feet and shoes, from many leading sources and experts – enabling you to make great, healthy decisions that suit you, without compromising on the quality of fit. Sounds great eh?

 Oh, and did we forget to mention, we have also got a smart little gadget to help you get a healthy fit with every shoe purchase? Thought that would get your attention. Click here to find out more…

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If you bought a pair of size 7 shoes in a shop, which were really only a size 6 or 5 - you'd take them back, right? But what if nobody told you about it? 

In a brand new research study looking into the accuracy of stated shoes sizes93% of the shoes tested were shorter than indicated, by up to 3 sizes.  Misleading shoe sizes mean many consumers are inadvertently wearing the wrong-sized shoes, risking serious long-term damage to their feet and joints, as well as wasting money by buying uncomfortable shoes destined for the bottom of the wardrobe. To find out more about the study and its findings, click here